Protocol for Re-opening Pilgrim Baptist Church

Please Note


  1. Worship service will begin at 9:55 a.m. sharp.
  2. All worshipers will be encouraged to arrive early, between 9 am – 9:30 am
  1. All worshippers will be expected to wear masks while inside the church.
  2. All worshippers will be seated in a socially distant manner in the sanctuary on the main level only. In case of an overflow, Fellowship Hall will be made available to which the worship service can be viewed via live stream.
  3. Upon entering the building, the worshippers will be asked to put on their masks, if they do not have one, a mask will be provided for them.
  4. Worshipers will also be asked their contact information for contact tracing as they enter the church.


  1. All entrances will be accessible to the worshippers.
  2. The Greeters and the Pilgrim Security Team will greet and welcome the worshippers at each entrance upon their arrival.
  3. *The elevator will also be accessible for use, however, only two (2) people may ride at one time.


Entering for Worship:

  1. Just prior to the worshippers entering the sanctuary they will be greeted by a Deacon who will provide them with their communion cup.
  2. Once entering the Sanctuary, the worshippers will have an opportunity to leave their offering with a member of the Trustee Board if they so choose to do so.
  3. Once in the sanctuary and having received/ been given all necessary materials for worship, the worshippers will be guided to a socially distant seat for worship.

Leaving Worship:

  1. At the close of worship, having taken part in Holy Communion, the worshippers will deposit their own communion cup in a receptacle held by a Deacon.
  2. A second opportunity to give their offering will be provided if they have not done so already, as they exit.

*The above protocols reflect the first phase of our Church Re-opening.  As we reach full capacity, we will add an additional in-person Worship Service and in-person Sunday School along with Nursery services.  Church Board and Committee Meetings are welcome to return to in-person meetings, however, please schedule your meetings with the Church Administrator.