5 Ways to Give

Pilgrim Baptist Church

Tithes & Offerings

Payment Options


  1. By Check – You can mail a check to the Church:

Pilgrim Baptist Church

732 Central Ave. W

Saint Paul, MN 55104


  1. or put your Church envelop in a mailing envelope and drop your envelope in the drop box on the Grotto side door.


  1. PBC website–  https://www.pilgrimbaptistchurch.org/give/

Go to the DONATE NOW button and complete the requested information. You will need to complete the payment method information and submit.


  1. Text Giving – Text the word GIVE to 651-243-9270.

If it’s your first time, you’ll be prompted to click a link directing you to the online giving page to complete a one-time registration. Click “SIGN IN” then click “REGISTER FOR AN ACCOUNT” at the bottom of the page. Complete contact information then click “REGISTER.” Enter the secure PIN that the system texts you. Select the fund, enter the donation amount and payment information before completing your gift. Click “SAVE PAYMENT” to keep your payment information securely saved for future gifts

To text a donation after the one-time registration, you can give immediately without having to re-enter any of your information. Simply text the desired amount and the fund keyword to the text giving number. Ex: 250 tithe for $250.00 to the Tithe fund.

Other TEXT Commands:

EDIT – Make changes to your giving account and update contact information and/or update payment information.

REFUND – Refund your last gift. You must text “REFUND” within 15 minutes to refund the gift. If you realized the mistake after 15 minutes, contact the church or organization you are giving to for a refund.


KEYWORD – See a list of active keywords. Keywords are the fund names that the church has set up.


  1. Shelby Next Giving App– The APP is free to use and retains a history of your giving by month. Go to APP store on your iPhone or Google Play on your Android Phone. Search for ShelbyNEXT I Giving (Finance). Download and Open the App. In the Find Your organization to Get Started screen, type Pilgrim Baptist Church or Click on Find organizations near me. If this is your first time using the app, click create an account and follow the prompts. When requested, type your email and password to sign in. When requested, specify the amount of contribution, method of payment, which fund is to receive the donation and the frequency of the contribution (one-time or recurring).

Fill in all requested information and follow the prompts.